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Looking for funding but ineligible for conventional bank loans? Explore our alternative lending solutions that provide fast and flexible financing

With a network of 150+ alternative lenders, we bring you an extensive range of financing options.

At Asseta Finance, we leverage our vast network to connect you with industry-leading alternative lenders, providing tailored solutions that address your specific financial requirements.

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Seeking relief from excessive accruing interest?

In light of the widespread financial challenges many individuals are currently experiencing, we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions and unwavering support to help you attain the financial stability you deserve. Let us assist you in finding a path towards a debt-free future.

  • Low Credit Score

  • Bankruptcy

  • Late Payments/Collections

  • Income & Property Tax Arrears

  • Unemployement

  • 60 Day Notice

  • Debt Consolidation

  • Self Employed Income


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Our commitment is to collaborate with you in securing the most competitive interest rates available in the market.

Before Asseta
Monthly interest payment amount.
After Asseta
Immediate payment reductions.

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Our goal is to help you improve your financial situation, so you can keep up with today's inflation.


Improve your credit score

By opting for an alternative lending solution, you can swiftly elevate your credit score by eliminating unfavourable debts, leveraging the advantage of our alternative lenders who do not report to the credit bureau.


Qualify for a Bank loan

In no time, you'll be eligible to qualify for a conventional loan at a bank or financial institution.

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You guys are awesome. I really appreciate Jonathan help, he was so prompt and showed professionalism. Thanks a lot


Jonathan was incredible to work it. Incredible follow up and creative problem solving.

Rose Marie

Jon was very proactive and he delivered high quality service, very satisfied.


Very helpful and worked well with everybody involved and managed to get everything approved in short order.


Very helpful and quick response. Very satisfied and happy to be working with your team, especially Jonathan Marciano who is awesome!


Jonathan Marciano and his team have been very helpful and answered all our inquiries ASAP! Will definitely do more business and referrals with them! Great team!


Jonathan has been very helpful in this journey of mine. Would like to thank them.


Jonathan is very friendly and very much hands on with following up. Good experience so far.


This was very easy, convenient and life-changing. I've never had an experience like this dealing with a mortgage. This was just great.


Jonathan is amazing. He really works for you. Thank you everyone who helped me get my mortgage.


Got a 60-Day notice?

Don't worry, our team will handle the entire process from A-Z.